Mansions On The Moon – Rest Of Your Days

Mansions On The Moon – Rest Of Your Days

MP3: Rest Of Your Days

If I gave you a ride home tonight,
would you spend the rest of your days by my side

We don’t deserve it as much as we desire it, but still the sun shines in our lives when we need it to most. You may think the eleventh hour is at hand, but the clock only strikes 10. You may be on your knees, begging for mercy, as a warm breeze touches your face as if to say, “hold on, just a while longer.” We all encounter these times of waiting. Times of uncertainty and the space between. The wilderness before the promised land. The trick is to see and engage it rather than longing for the other side. There is purpose and worth in the waiting. There is beauty in the gray.

Mansions On The Moon is the collaborative creation of Lane Shaw, Ben Hazlegrove, and singer/songwriter Ted Wendler. Since their inception about a year ago, they’ve collaborated with N*E*R*D, Diplo, DJ Benzi, Xaphoon Jones, and are about to release their LP, which was produced by Pharrell Williams. The result is a lush orchestration of acoustically grown melodies, full-bodied harmonies and electronic chill wave textures. Some tracks break free of gravity and drift into the cosmos, carrying the torch of artists like M83 and Washed Out. Others, like Rest Of Your Days, seem to gaze heavenward, keeping the textured weight of guitar and percussion, as the layered vocals remind us that there’s no reason we can’t reach out and touch the moon.

Downloads of their EP are free on their site for the price of a Facebook like. Also, check out their hybrid mixtape/album for free here. And now we all wait, with baited breath, for the LP to drop. Hold on, just a while longer…

Artist: Mansions on the Moon
Photographer: Mike Stacey

Categories: Electronic, Experimental, Folk

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